Open songs 2020 - talk and performance with Elee Loop

Var: Övre foajén, Biograf Panora
När: Fredag 13 augusti 2021 KL: 16:30 - 17:30

Open Songs 2020 is a collective music project by Elee Loop. 

Using a recording booth SONG-O-MATIC, Elee Loop collects secrets and stories from people and turns them into songs. During World Pride 2021, Elee is collecting stories about love. This afternoon Elee hosts a talk and presents a demo about her project. She will take us behind the scenes, reflect upon stories and the power of anonymous sharing, and open up her creative process.

The talk opens the door to Open Songs on the practical, creative, and conceptual levels. Elee will also perform a demo of her musical work by walking us through a process from raw submissions to performing some of the resulted songs live.


You can contribute by sharing your story about love by recording in the SONG-O-MATIC or on social media directly to @eleeloop.  


The final concert is on the 20th of August as part of the World Pride program.